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Thank you all SO MUCH for coming to Owlfest 2014!!! We had an absolutely wild time and as ever can’t wait to host Owlfest next year!! (Check out Facebook for Ellora’s 18th Birthday in November!)

I have a couple of videos of the bands and some photos but if any of you have any that we can put in the gallery then please post them up to the facebook event page so I can grab them!

I would like to say some ‘named’ thank you’s to certain people if I may.

Thank you to Jef, yet again you amazed me by managing to be the best damn BBQ Grill Master I have ever seen! Totally in control, tidy, always smiling and you kept up with the food like no other could… You my man are the BEST! (have I stocked up enough arse licking points for you to do it again next year?)

A big thank you to Kiss Me Quick for their set on the stage between 4-5pm. What a fun band! You can really see everyone loves their job and I for one was surprised at how much I enjoyed your set. If you didn’t find it too odd playing in a back garden PLEASE come back next year! We have plans for a bigger better stage! (and sound system)

Rod…. We loved it!! You were so nervous about doing your set and you criticise yourself but oh my word! What an amazing set, you had everyone wanting to join in and sing along and even my usually socially cautious Son felt comfortable enough to come on stage and play the tambourine! We all loved you and hope next year you can come back.. and with the rest of the band too! (Little Buskers)

Mark the MC … When I said go for it I wasn’t expecting the material you came out with but blushes aside thank you so much for taking the role of MC… you did us proud and I hope you can MC again next year!

Malcolm and Karen – Thank you for being good sports and taking part in the food challenge Man v Woman v Food… I hope you wear your bibs with pride from now on at every meal! lol
Congratulations to Malcolm for winning… Hope the Champagne was poured out for you while you soaked in a well deserved candle lit bath!

Next year you all have to challenge MALCOLM for his winners crown!

Will... what can I say… you are the Owlfest legend. Not only did we have you singing for us again but we also were privileged enough to see a topless dance or two… See you in 2015!!

Becky, I hope you had a good birthday at Owlfest, thank you for letting us all ‘eat your face’. xx

Thank you to Mother Nature, yet again you did as I requested. I said I would like dry weather from Saturday morning until the last person left. Bang on target as Lisa Stephens said good bye the rain started!! Ok so I got soaked to the skin trying to get all the stage equipment in but thank you for giving us a lovely warm sunny day… Even if the people camping did get a bit damp!!

Thank you again to ALL of you for coming, I hope to see you all in November for Ellora’s 18th but if not then see you on the 8th August 2015 for another OWLFEST!!!

donation stationIf you are one of the people that wanted to help with the running costs of Owlfest then please use the Paypal button to the right of this page, no need to have a PayPal account…The ‘donation station’ managed to raise a grand total of £183.22 which I have rounded up to £200.


And THANK YOU!! Your generosity makes us all warm and fuzzy in the pants zone!

Yzzy & Robert

Videos and photographs will be posted as they come in.

PS: If anyone wants any events organising then let me know. I am trying to build up a portfolio so I wont charge for the first few events that come in so long as I can use the event in my portfolio!

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